Sant’Or is operated by Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, a biodynamic grower focused on natural vinifications of the local and rare Mavrodafni and Santameriana grape varieties.

Sant’Or wines is located outside the historical 3rd largest Greek city of Patra, and operated by local grower Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, who is cultivating his 4.5 ha of vineyards biodynamically, at an altitude of 600m, with no irrigation. Panagiotis is the first viticulturist to receive a Demeter certification.

Indigenous to the historical village of Santomeri is the rare white grape Santameriana, as well as the famous (for its sweet wines) red grape Mavrodafni (literally “black laurel”), with a recent trend towards dry vinifications. Panagiotis is the only grower cultivating the Santameriana grape, and one of very few making dry monovarietal aged Mavrodafni.

The vineyards came to Panagiotis through his father and generations of wine growers. His vision was to continue the family tradition as authentically as possible, and raise awareness around the local indigenous grapes. His vineyards are bursting with life, and are, by common consent, some of the most vibrant vineyards one has ever seen. His wines are based on healthy and rigorous fruits through dry, biodynamic viticulture, and natural vinification protocols, with experimentation of aging in various materials (clay amphoras, cement, old oak).

His work with old, reclaimed amphorae is also impressive, as he mainly works with reclaimed, 2-centuries-old amphorae made from local clay. The ones used for raising are buried outside the winery, covered with glass lids.

  • Winery: Sant’Or
  • Focus: Rare indigenous Mavrodafni and Santameriana grapes in natural vinifications
  • Region: Patra (Peloponnese)
  • Year founded: 2007
  • Size: 5 hectares
  • Grapes: Mavrodafni / Agiorgitiko / Santameriana / Roditis
  • Viticulture: Biodynamic / Dry
  • Climate: Mild Winters, dry Summers
  • Soil: Clay loam, chistose rocks
  • Vine age: Planted in 1960 and 1987
  • Altitude: 500m
  • Distance from coast: 30 miles
  • Percentage of estate owned grapes: 100%

Patra is the third largest city of Greece, and is famous for its carnival celebration.