Markos Freris‘ family has a century of recorded history of vine growing, on the cosmopolitan island of Syros, the capital of the Cycladic islands (hence Aeon = Century). Representing the fourth generation of this history, he took over the family’s vineyards planted with local varieties (Monemvasia, Serifiotiko, Mandilaria, Savatiano, Roditis) and in collaboration with veteran oenologist Kristie Manousou they vinify with indigenous yeasts, without filters, in their own winery, void of any pumps (exclusively gravity-powered). Markos’ wines are also the first natural and certified organic wines of Syros island.

  • Winery: Freris
  • Focus: Grecian inspired vinifications of Cycladic varieties
  • Region: Syros (Aegean Islands)
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Size: 3 hectares
  • Grapes: Serifiotiko, Roditis, Savatiano, Monemvasia, Mandilaria
  • Viticulture: Organic (certified)
  • Climate: Dry climate, very low rainfalls, strong winds, morning humidity.
  • Soil: Mainly sand, pH 7
  • Vine age: Planted between 1981 and 2001
  • Altitude: None
  • Distance from coast: 1 mile
  • Percentage of estate owned grapes: 100%

Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and its most populous island. It is in the center of the Cycladic island cluster, and it looks like it is protected by all the other islands in the prefecture, giving meaning to the name “Cyclades”.

The island’s capital (and also the actual capital of all Cycladic islands), Ermoupoli, stands out from all other Cycladic towns for its neoclassical architecture and aristocratic character. Ermoupoli was founded by refugees from Chios, after their island’s destruction during the Greek Independence war (1821 – 1830), and rose to prominence during the 19th century as an important industrial, commercial and maritime center. Its name is an honor to Hermes, the God protector of commerce.

The rise of Ermoupoli into an important hub in the Eastern Mediterranean led to the creation of a powerful middle class, and the development of numerous monumental public and private buildings designed by famous architects, including the town hall and the Apollo theater.