Theon Dora rosé

Theon Dora rosé is an organic blend of the two most quintessential Cretan varieties, Kotsifali and Mandilari, in an explosive and spicy wine, with unique concentration.

  • Grower: Stilianou
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Grapes: Kotsifali 50% / Mandilari 50%
  • Appellation: PGI Crete
  • Alcohol: 14.10%
  • Bottle: 750ml
  • Viticulture: Dry, Organic (certified)
  • Vinification: Cold extraction with 6 hours of maceration and stainless steel fermentation, with a few months of stay on its lees and periodic stirring
  • Notes: Dark rosy color, with a spicy bouquet with rich notes of small red fruits, and Spring flowers, and a robust full body with impressive fruit concentration.
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  • Dry, Organic (certified)
  • Climate: Subtle Winter, humid Fall, breezy Summer with temperature variance
  • Soil: Limestone with some rock
  • Vine age: Planted between 1982 and 2011
  • Altitude: 400m
  • Slope: 3-15%
  • Planting density: 3,400 plants / ha
  • Yield: 2-3kg / plant
  • Irrigation: None
  • Spraying: None
  • Harvesting: Manual


  • Maceration: Stainless steel (cold extraction for 6 hours at 10C)
  • Yeast: Indigenous with neutral culture added at the end of fermentation (1 month duration at controlled temperature)
  • Malolactic: Natural (completed)
  • Maturation: 3 months on its lees in stainless steel with periodic stirring
  • Clarification: Bentonite, cold stabilization
  • Filtration: Fine paper filtration
  • Production: 1,800 lt
  • Alcohol: 14.10%
  • Acidity: 5.90 gr/l
  • RS: 2 gr/l
  • Total sulfites: 85 mg/l
  • Certification: Organic grapes
  • Bottle: 750ml

Giannis Stilianou and his teenage son, personally tend to their 3 hectares of organic vineyards, planted only with indigenous Cretan varieties. There is no irrigation or any kind of spraying. The vines are stressed under the hot, Cretan Sun, and then cooled off by the mountain breeze. This shows in the impressive concentration and intense aromatics of the artisanal Stilianou wines.

Crete is the biggest island of Greece, and home to one of the most impressive ancient civilizations, the Minoan.

Heraklion, the fourth largest Greek city and largest city of Crete, is located in the center of the island. It is very picturesque and full of ancient ruins in and around it, spanning thousands of years and many different civilizations, including the Minoan, Byzantine, Venetian, and Arab.

South of Heraklion lies Knossos, the most famous ancient city of Minoan times, with the well preserved and famous homonymous palace, with its bright red pillars and wall art of the time.