Naiads - Papras Bio Wines - Tyrnavos, Thessaly, Greece - Orange Natural Wine - Badiki - Organic wine - Eklektikon

Naiads are nymphs associated with the water springs, aptly naming this orange, natural, organic wine from the fertile slopes of mount Olympus, the highest and most historical of Greece.

  • Grower: Papras Bio Wines
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Type: Orange Dry Wine
  • Grapes: Badiki 100%
  • Appellation: PGI Tyrnavos
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Bottle: 750ml
  • Viticulture: Certified organic
  • Vinification: 30 days of skin and stems contact in stainless steel, spontaneously fermented in ambient temperatures in small tanks, with a few days of barrel development in old oak and a few sulfites added at bottling
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  • Certified organic
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate, affected by the nearby Olympus mountain, with cold Winters and hot Summers.
  • Soil: Mainly limestone, with good straining properties, and a PH of 7-7.8.
  • Vine age: 30 years
  • Altitude: 110m
  • Slope: 3%
  • Planting density: 3,800 plants / ha
  • Yield: 2 kg / plant
  • Irrigation: 1-2 times, if needed
  • Spraying: 1 per season (bluestone / sulfur), if needed
  • Harvesting: Manually


  • Maceration: 30 days of skin and stems contact in 600l stainless steel tank
  • Pressing: None
  • Yeast: Indigenous (spontaneous fermentation)
  • Temperature Control: None
  • Malolactic: Naturally completed
  • Maturation: 20 days in neutral oak
  • Clarification: Racking
  • Filtration: None
  • Production: 2,000 lt
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Acidity: 5 gr/l
  • RS: 0 gr/l
  • Total sulfites: 45 mg/l
  • Certification: Organic grapes
  • Bottle: 750ml

Papras Bio Wines  is operated by the Papras family. Stergios Papras, the family’s oenologist, has been a pioneer of organic viticulture in Greece. The family’s vineyards have been certified organic since 1990, one of the first to receive organic certification in Greece. The focus is on sparkling wines and the local “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos“. The terroir and the breeze from the nearby mount Olympus, make Tyrnavos ideal for sparkling and aromatic wines.

Tyrnavos is sitting on the south slopes of the mythical mount Olympus, on the region of Thessaly in Greece. The proximity to the mountain, and the river that encircles the town of 16,800 people, define its terroir. Tyrnavos is mainly known for its production of tsipouro and ouzo, and is considered the birthplace of ouzo. Tyrnavos is also famous for a Dionysian carnival celebration named “Bourani”, which is known for its celebration of phallic symbols.