Apeiros Gaea

Apiros Gaea - Debina - orange pet nat - organic wine - Vaimaki Family - Greek natural wine - Eklektikon

“Apeiros Gaea” (meaning “infinite earth”) is the original name of the region of Epirus, one of the smallest winemaking regions of Greece, and the name of this orange pet-nat wine from the area’s most important white variety, Debina.

  • Grower: Vaimaki Family
  • Vintage: 2020
  • Grapes: Debina 100%
  • Appellation: Table Wine
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Bottle: 750ml
  • Viticulture: Organic (non-certified)
  • Vinification: Classic white vinification, autogenic i.e. without additives, chilling or any intervention in the production process. At the end of the fermentation in closed inox vat to trap some CO2
  • Notes: – Coming Soon –


  • Organic (non-certified)
  • Climate: Rainy climate with medium-cold winter,and mild summer under the influence of sea winds
  • Soil: clay over limestone of excellent drainage
  • Vine age: 34 years old
  • Altitude: 730m
  • Slope: 10%
  • Planting density: 6,000 shoots / ha
  • Yield: 1.5kg / vine
  • Irrigation: None
  • Spraying: Organic treatment against oidium and downy mildew in the Spring
  • Harvesting: Manually, in 25kg casks


  • Maceration: Brief (few hours)
  • Temperature control: Not above 25 Celsius
  • Fermentation: With native yeast (wild fermentation) with temperature control at 25 Celsius, in stainless steel, for 1.5 month
  • Press: None (only free run juice)
  • Malolactic: Full (completed spontaneously)
  • Maturation: 6 months in inox
  • Clarification: None (natural)
  • Filtration: None
  • Production: 2,700 lt
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Acidity: 5 g/l
  • RS: 1.40 g/l
  • Total sulfites: 5ppm
  • Certification: No Sulfites Added
  • Bottle: 750ml

Vaimaki Family” is the urban winemaking project of oenologist¬†Vasilis Vaimakis. An oenologist with vast winemaking experience, Vaimakis is also one of the first oenologists of Greece who explored the limits of natural vinification of Greek grapes with zero sulfites. Although Eklektikon’s portfolio is centered around growers, Vaimaki Family is the only exception to the rule, in order to represent the first Greek vintages of no-added-sulfite wines, under the iconic and ever-changing label “Mater Natura”.

The Vaimakis family started working with wine production in the late 19th century. Vasilis Vaimakis wanted to revive the family winemaking tradition back in the 70’s, as a young oenologist, and started working for the Co-Op of Zitsa and Amyndeo, where he led both to unexpected commercial success. In the 90’s, having gained immense experience, he completed his PhD with a focus on the oxidation of white wines and ways to address that. He started experimenting with zero-sulfite wines in order to communicate the terroir of promising Greek grapes, and launched the Mater Natura line in 2009. Mater Natura is a series of unique numbers, reflecting unique vinifications that never repeat themselves.

Amyndeo (or “Amyntaio”) constitutes one of the most alpine climates of Greece, surrounded by lakes and at an altitude of over 600m. This makes it ideal for the production of sparkling wines from the humidity loving Xinomavro grape, and makes Amyndeo the only PDO (premier tier appellation) region for sparkling wines. The general region of Florina, where Amyndeo belongs to, is a mountainous area reaching altitudes of up to 2,524m (Voras mountain).

Nearby Nymfeo village, at an altitude of 1,346m, is considered one of the most beautiful villages of Greece. Although it faced gradual depopulation up until the 90s, it is now a popular Winter destination.

The adjacent village of Xino Nero is famous for its naturally sparkling and healing spring water.