Delmonico’s Kitchen serving “En Oeno…” white by the glass

Patrons of Delmonico’s Kitchen in Garment District, NYC, are fortunate enough to have an eclectic option when it comes to white wines by the glass; “En Oeno…” white 2011 (Sauv. Blanc / Assyrtiko 50/50)!

Delmonico’s, the oldest and most historical restaurant in New York and the US (est. 1837), recently opened its sister and more modern restaurant, “Delmonico’s Kitchen”. The restaurant is located in the Garment District, on 36th st, right off of 7th av.

The restaurant’s wine director, Sean Cummings, has been on a hunt to find unique and impressive wines to make the restaurant’s wine list synonymous with its reputation. His latest addition? “En Oeno…” white 2011, a dry white wine with a blend of 50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Assyrtiko, featuring an intense and complex nose with tropical and citrus fruits, a very pleasant aromatic duration on the palate with sesame, honey and citrus, and a long and clean aftertaste. Sean considered it a must fit for the restaurant’s wine preservation case (picture attached), so that all patrons can enjoy this impressive wine by the glass.

“En Oeno…” white (from “En Oeno Alethea” = “Truth in Wine”) finds its way into one more high-end establishment and the “truth” keeps shining!