COVID-19 Support

We have compiled some information, that will help us all get through the coronavirus crisis safely, while supporting those that need our help the most.

The restaurant industry has been hit the hardest from the extreme measures that were necessarily taken to isolate its impact. Many restaurants are trying to stay afloat by selling and delivering packaged food. In New York, the liquor laws allow for delivery of alcohol (combined with food) from restaurants (not previously possible), in order to alleviate some of the loss. We have created a map that shows all those restaurants that take such efforts, to further empower and support them. Please support the NY restaurant industry by ordering food (and wine / alcohol) from these places, to help keep their doors open when the virus is gone.

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Feel free to share this map, or send us tips to keep it up to date.

Other ways to support the restaurant industry, include:

  • Buying restaurant gift cards to gift to your loved ones, or use in the future when the restrictions have been lifted (check with your favorite spots to see if they sell any).
  • Support Roar NY by signing the petition to provide relief for the restaurant industry.
  • Donate to RWCF USA’s relief fund.
  • Sign Peter Weltman’s petition to allow nationwide delivery of alcohol by restaurants and on-premise establishments.
  • Donate individually to restaurants’ funds, to provide relief to their now unemployed workforce.