Eklektikon is an importer of
Greek wines

Eklektikon was launched in 2011 with the vision of creating a bridge between “Greek tradition” and the US market, expressed through handcrafted natural Greek wines.
We work with small-batch artisanal growers around the country, who manually farm their own grapes, using organic and biodynamic practices. Each grower’s focus is on grape varieties indigenous to their region, which have adapted to the local area for thousands of years, having developed the ability to purely express their surroundings. We stress that vinification is of minimal intervention, using old and time-tested methods of regional tradition.
Through time, Eklektikon evolved into more than just an importer, but rather an incubator for small-batch farmers around the country.
The wines that comprise Eklektikon’s portfolio, are natural for a reason, and in specific ways. They are wholesome and nutritious, being free of any harmful additives and chemicals, and made from organic or biodynamic grapes (almost always certified so). They authentically express the history and tradition of the micro-region they come from, following hands-off and traditional practices. They promote biodiversity, coming from various corners of isolated corners, and made from numerous indigenous grapes. Finally, their purchase supports small agricultural families, the economic foundation of Greece, instead of big conglomerates with questionable interests.
Eventually, all this results in wild, raw, unexpected, idiosyncratic, and mind expanding wines, with unique aromatic profiles, vibrant textures, and layered palates.
Today, Eklektikon’s portfolio represents 7 of 9 regions of Greece, more than 10% of the 300+ recorded indigenous Greek grapes, has the largest selection of orange Greek wines, and, in general, has created the most diverse portfolio of Greek wines that has ever existed.
Of equal importance is our commitment to working with genuinely kind and ethical human beings, who are concerned for others, the environment, and the footprint they leave behind.

Our Team

Aris Soultanos


Maria Bakalopoulou


Christiana Kandilioti


Rania Vaxevanidi



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